How to use?
rccontrol start celeryd-instance-id

This is possibly?

I install celery like old version(use paster instead of gunicorn).
like in this manual:
how to configure celery+gunicorn+supervisor?

Adding such section into in .rccontrol/supervisor/supervisord.ini .
We will add a comment on that into the config.

numprocs = 1
priority = 10
directory = /home/<user>/.rccontrol/enterprise-1
command = /home/<user>/.rccontrol/enterprise-1/profile/bin/paster celeryd /home/<user>/.rccontrol/enterprise-1/rhodecode.ini -l debug
redirect_stderr = true
stdout_logfile = /home/<ubuntu>/.rccontrol/enterprise-1/celery.log

Hi Marcin,

I added this section to my supervisord.ini and it seems to work.
But: this section always disappears when running “rccontrol self-init” from my service startup script or manual (by hand).

What can I do?

Yes this seems to be a problem :frowning: we’re release within few days a fix to rccontrol and it would leaverage the [include] statment with supervisord. So it will include any other files with .ini and allow to extend the configuration

Here we go, new in 1.6.4 release of rccontrol: https://docs.rhodecode.com/RhodeCode-Control/tasks/supervisor.html#using-include-statement-to-extend-the-programs

Simply add the include and create the celery file as in example. This should be persistent now.


Thanks Marcin,

this works for me now.