Cant submit pull request


I have this user with write permission on the forked repository and read permission on the original repository, but when i try to submit a pull request i get the error “Not Enough permissions to target repo …”.
Changing the read permission in the original repository to write allows the user to submit the pull request, this is not the idea with forks and used to work on rhodecode 4.9.1.

This was verified on my setup and additionally reproduced on a vm with centos7.4 running the lastest version (4.10.2) of rhodecode community, both repositories are private, in mercurial and within there own groups created by the admin, i made no changes to the config of rhodecode or its permissions.



We introduced some additional permissions checks in 4.10.X infact. This might be to strict in this case you’re right, we’ll investigate this ASAP, and follow with reply tomorrow.




Thanks again for reporting this issue, we have done an off-cycle bugfix release (4.10.3) to address this regression. We’re sorry about this, and we’ll make sure to add better testing coverage for such cases.



I can confirm that version 4.10.3 fixes the issue.