Cannot register new account to download community version, keep saying "recaptcha failed to validate"

is there issue with recaptcha when registering new account? I wish to download community version for windows (VM), and it requires registered account. I tried register new account but the recaptcha keep failing on firefox and IE. On chrome, it doesnt even prompt for the recaptcha image and just show me “recaptcha failed to validate” error.

Hi Thanks for reporting this.

We can confirm it was broken, sorry about that it was a deployment hickup.
We re-deployed our website and confirmed re-captcha now validates correctly.

Best !

cool, able to register now, thanks for the quick response.

你好,目前又出现了这个问题,我无法注册新用户,一直提示“recaptcha failed to validate”。


Maybe you have a blocked Google access ?