Cannot expand commit message in search results

Hi All,

Having a strange problem, minor, but strange.

Fresh install of Rhodecode community edition on Centos 7 x64, web server, Nginx. I have one mercurial repo setup, and indexed so that search can work.

The issue I seem to have relates to the search page. When you search through commit messages, the search works fine and shows results, but under the search results, there is a little arrow pointing downward next to the commit messages to expand the commit message for a given result, it appears to do nothing when clicked. I have tested this in FireFox and Chromium web browsers. Other users of the install can replicate it too…

Any ideas what the problem might be?


Can you replicate this on the search on ?


Hi There,

I cannot replicate it there. It seems to work.

I am running the community edition though (RhodeCode Community Edition, version 4.15.2).

Is there any setting that could be causing this problem?

No, This should work just OOTB. I tried to check if maybe it’s a browser issue.
The search on uses the new search that we plan to ship for 4.16.
There were lots of changes in the search implementation for 4.16 and maybe this was fixed there
and this is a bug on 4.15.X that still uses older code. We need to check this

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

If you happen to find something in 4.15 would you mind posting an update here?

Thanks again.


Just curious, could it have anything to do with me doing --optimize on the search index?

wow this is weird… i ran the indexer again to update the index… now suddenly it works…

Yeah this is important part of merging index, and making it stable, and work fin with many many updates. This probably would solve all sort of problems like that. You can execute it on each index call after the indexing has been done.

This is a problem with Whoosh backend, elasticsearch does such things in the background.

Ahh it looks like i got my hopes up that it was fixed, but still problems.

It seems some results can expand and others wont (which have a long enough message in the commit that they actually should be able to be expanded).

The repo is very big, I am not sure whether that is a contributor to issues:

1020MB phoenix-firestorm-lgpl
Almost 57,000 commits in the repo

maybe the weirdness will go away in an upcoming version