Cannot download installer

Cannot download installer from nor
I get 403 after 2-min timeout:

Connecting to||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 403 Forbidden
2016-09-10 18:02:43 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

Sorry this is now fixed. Our DL server was under small DDOS attack and it turned on auto-protect.


Do you see any indication of a network slowness on your end. I am getting extremely slow response to downloads. I have had self-update take 45 minutes or more and upgrade vcsserver take over an hour.



I checked our download server and it all looks fine. No problems reported by our provider as well. We’d think about adding another DL server maybe in east cost.

are you still having problems ?

Yes, I’m trying to download the full installer now and only getting about 50KB/s. First noticed last week while updating a test instance.

That’s odd i get ~1.3MB/s from my home. This main DL server is on a 1000Mbit connection, and i can now see live that it’s only using ~700Kbit

do you have another network/server to try on ?

I will have to try from my home this evening. I have also asked our campus networking to look on our end, but I am getting normal speeds from other sites in the US. I am slower than usual to so maybe it is just something with routes between US and EU.