Branch based webhooks

In my oppinion it would be awesome when we have branch based webhooks.
i.e. when merged into master fire webhook X, when merged into develop fire webhook Y

Thanks for the idea, i think a similar thing can be achieved when usin the templates in webhook.
So if you specify such endpoint${branch}/endpoint and let you endpoint decide what to do based on the branch variable, also this makes a multiple calls when pushed multiple branches at once (via Mercurial)

yeah something similar could be archived, but then you have i.e. a jenkins job failing, everytime it is not the specific branch.

Also it would reduce the workload on jenkins ( or other CI’s)

Ahh you want it for Jenkins, hmm that makes a lot of sense, CI integration is very important for us. We’ll definetly put this on a roadmap.

if the {branch} is used, then you shouldn’t have a failing jobs, you’ll simply define jobs accorind to Branches,

ie. /master/job1

This means that every branch has it’s own job, that does different things.

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i acually never thought of this way! i’ll try it out!


It’s finally this feature implemented?



No, not yet however it’s going to be developed on 4.12 release together with a dedicated Jenkins plugin that allows CSRF workflows in jenkins