Best practice about multiple instances

Dear Support,

Currently we are running the CE, which has a Rhocode instance (community-1) and a VCS server (vcsserver-1). The repositories are used internally (local network)
I need to host repositories that are accessible from outside, and for security reasons I am thing of setting up a new Rhodecode instance (community-2), to isolate the 2 repository types.

Is this possible with the CE? Can I run multiple instances of the CE?
What is the best practice?

  • 2 instance on the same server, with different base_url of course,
  • separate server for the 2nd instance

Could the settings (users, user groups, repository groups) be synchronized between the 2 Rhodecode instances? If they talk to the same VCS, are these by default done?
Not necessarily a problem if the 2nd instance has a different user base, but if that can be avoided, that is an advantage.

I’ve checked the Scaling Best Practices online document, but I am not able to figure out these.