Apply permission scheme

Dear Support,

Is there a way to automatically assign a certain permission scheme to all repositories?
There is a dedicated user group that I want to grant admin rights on all repositories. Every newly created repositories as well.

The only thing I found is about granting certain rights to the ‘system’ upon repository creation, not to an existing user group.

Thanks and regards,

Currently there’s two options:

  • use the API to do this post fact
  • create a repository group that would be the parent of all repositories, then during creation there is inherit permissions option that you can pick to allow pre-defined permissions to be copied into the newly created objects.

Hi Marcin,

Option 2 would be appealing, but because placing a repo into a repo group changes its path (with the repo group name), that is not an option.

So we have to stuck to the API…

Thanks anyway,

Cannot you use the permanent ID based clone url ?

Those would not change in case moving to repo groups.

Using the ID instead of repo_name could have been wiser choice from the beginning.
The clone URLs are now widely used, don’t want to mess this up.

Thanks anyway for the suggestions and support!