Add a way to see in the diff what changed in in which PR version

Very frequently I have the situation where there are many revisions of bigger PRs. It would be mega super handy to be able to see in context which version had which changes. Eg.

Does this make sense? or is there another way already?

What I currently do is open each commit of the PR’s update, look at the changes, find the same place in the PR, comment. Thats quite tedious.

Appreciate your work! Thank you!

There’s no other way, but we think this would be very heavy to calculate. We’ll check what the options are for this to compute.

Thanks for considering this. Alternatively I could imagine, when comparing two versions via “show changes between versions” button, the comments added there are correlated with the actual PR and added there as well. currently it is not possible to comment in a “version diff” at all. maybe this is technically easier.